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Startup to be announced

Pending Due Diligence – To Be Announced Soon

SEED – Aug 2022

EExion EV Battery Startup

EExion has developed breakthrough supercapacitor battery technology at the renowned Bar Ilan University that requires no pollutive or expensive rare materials like Lithium or Cobalt, charges scooters and EVs in minutes, not hours and lasts 20-30x longer without degradation. EExion’s technology is going to revolutionize both the constant-use e-mobility and energy storage markets.

SEED – Jul 2022

Startup to be announced

Pending Due Diligence – To Be Announced Soon

SEED – Aug 2022

Matt and his connections within ClimateTech have been super helpful over the past few months. He helped us tremendously in closing our first financing round!
Rene HaasCEO of NeoCarbon
I have been working with Matt for the past few months, he is very dynamic, well-connected, and resourceful. More important (at least for me), Matt is smart and thinks broadband regarding the market, the market approach, and in general. I interact with Matt periodically and get his ideas, feedback, guidance, and insights as to how to approach various matters, mostly focused on funding, but also as a “second opinion” in general about running the startup – for me, it is very helpful.
Rafi LeviCEO of DOTS
We’ve enjoyed every aspect of our collaboration with 4WARD.VC and Matt. From the first day, Matt has opened his network to us and helped us make valuable connections in the climate ecosystem
Nicholas WeberCEO of Voltiris
Matt has been very much willing to help and gave a lot of interesting insights and ideas. Very lovely working with people like that, who are truly passionate about climate tech and are happy to guide startups in the right direction.
Julia SemeniukCEO of BuzzUp

Personal Investor/Advisor Portfolio


Assure Services is the largest provider of VC fund administration and SPV services for the private investment market worldwide. There simple platform, KYC/AML compliance and legal services allow fund managers and syndicators like 4WARD.VC to focus on what they do best, investing in promising ventures.

SEED – 2019

DOTS Fertilizer Agtech

DOTS is a spinout from the prestigious Ben-Gurion University and have developed an IoT sensing device/system for real-time nitrate and fertilizer monitoring, allowing farmers to increase margins 2.5x by preventing $80B/yr in overused fertilizer waste, which would otherwise end up contaminating local water supplies.

SEED – Jul 2022

Public Goods DTC startup

Public Goods is a DTC subscription consumer brand producing and selling premium, sustainable, paraben/toxic-chemical free personal care, grocery and household products at an everyday affordable price.

SEED – Aug 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Investor FAQs

Why invest via 4WARD.VC' syndicate?

In addition to increased deal flow and exposure to promising companies, investing via a syndicate is just more convenience. We find great startups, negotiate good terms, diligence the company and provide you with a deal memo and manage all of the legal aspects of setting up and running the SPV.

What is an SPV?

An SPV is a Special Purpose Vehicle, i.e., an LLC investment vehicle that we use to invest collectively in a startup.

Will I be on the cap table?

No. By joining our syndicate, you’re investing in membership of the SPV, which then invests in the company on your behalf – meaning no additional legal complications/obligations/fees for you.

What is the minimum I can invest?

The minimum is $3,000+ per deal, depending on the allocation we secure in the round.

Is it mandatory to invest or take my pro-rata rights?

No. All investments are 100% optional for all members.

Is there a setup fee?


For most deals, we use Vauban and there is a variable per deal fee starting at $4.9k + 1% of funds raised.

What does it mean to be an accredited investor?

While accreditation laws vary based on jurisdiction, in the USA, an accredited investor is designated by the SEC to mean either you’re net worth (excluding your home) is > $1M or you earned more than $200k/yr for at least the past two years.

Can non-accredited investors invest?

Yes, for certain deals (depending on jurisdiction).

NOTE: That Americans must be accredited investors in order to participate.

What is carry?

Carry stands for carried interest, which is a share of the profits. We charge either a ) a standard 20% for our syndicate or b) 2% mgmt fees and a 10% carry, which is paid out in exchange for negotiating the deal, performing due diligence, crafting the deal memo and setting up/running the SPV.

Startup FAQs

Does it cost anything?

Of course not! Investors cover the small fees of setting up each SPV.

What is the advantage of an SPV over individual angels?

With an SPV, there is only ONE line on your cap table – which keeps things clean for future investors. It also connects you with up to 249 investors who become vested in the success of your company and can be super helpful for your business in the future.

How does it affect our the cap table?

Because our syndicate creates a separate SPV which then invests in the company on our members’ behalf, that means only one new entry on your cap table and only one investor to report to 🙂

How much does the 4WARD.VC group invest?

It depends on allocation and investor interest, but typically $100-500k.

Can I pitch on The Startup Tank?
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