Investing in
startups that
move the world forward!

Investment / Advisor Portfolio
NeoCarbon Carbon Capture
Assure SPV Fund Administration and Management
Public Goods DTC Startup
Zario Digital Wellbeing app
Face Donate Charitable Giving
Livez Uber of Home Care

About 4WARD.VC

4WARD.VC is a venture fund and investor group that invests in world-positive, carbon-neutral businesses that actively improve how we live by pushing the boundaries of environmental and social betterment.

We are revolutionizing the one-dimensional finance-for-equity venture industry because money alone does not drive success. Our strength comes from the strategic support, growth focus and investor relations help we bring our teams.

Matt Ward - General Partner at 4WARD VENTURES

About The TeamMatt Ward

In addition to being the General Partner and Syndicate Lead of 4WARD Venture’s early stage venture fund and angel network, Matt Ward is a Venture Partner with Climentum Capital, the host of The Startup Tank, a serial founder with multiple modest exits and a strategic startup advisor to high-growth, world-changing companies.