Everyone Wins When Everyone’s Winning – A Platform Approach to Investing In and Solving Climate Change

This post wasn’t written by ChatGPT – an AI couldn’t think this “outside the box.”

Because it is outside the box, extremely so, in fact. Everything we do here at 4WARD.VC is a bit CRAZY. And that’s my fault – because I don’t just follow the rules, I don’t do “normal.”

Normal doesn’t cut it, especially not when combating climate change.

We’ve tried normal – we’ve tried Paris Climate Accords, we’ve tried yearly Climate Summits or soft-commit climate targets… NONE of it is working. 

Because we’re human: lazy, greedy, suspicious and looking out for our own interests…

None of that is a bad thing, PER SAY. It’s gotten us to where we are today – the highest of highs: we’re healthier, wealthier, safer and better educated than at any point in human history.

And yet, we’re racing off the cliff of climate change and unable to stop ourselves

Because we’re relying on people’s better nature rather than playing into our self-centered needs and incentives (ie. carbon credits and net zero pledges…)

Which brings us back to our motto here at 4WARD.VC“Everyone wins when everyone’s winning.”

In short, it means if we can help others win, we’ll win by default – it’s karma/brownie points 101.

And it’s what we’ve built EVERYTHING here at 4WARD.VC around – creating a community and culture where we help all other players win, which then gets us what we want: the growth and success of 4WARD.VC’s Partner in Clime portfolio companies

Think about it. 

We’ve built arguably the largest and most robust climate network in the world, all by helping others achieve their incentives and goals.

The Ecosystem of Climate Tech

  1. We started with Climate Accelerators & VCs, reaching out to 1000s and sharing deal flow and connections to help them hit their investment targets – which culminated in our 900+ Climate VC & Accelerator database and Climate VC deal share list (we have a similar list for family offices and LPs that want to invest in climate). This has proven an INCREDIBLY valuable resource for 20k+ climate founders and techies to date and brought many into our “ecosystem.”
  2. But those climate founders also needed a forum to pitch for funding – a way to reach VCs beyond pure cold outreach… So we created The Startup Tank Climate Investor Pitch Show and built that into the largest climate pitch contest anywhere, with 100s of applicants per month and incredible investor panelists from all the major climate funds. (Available on Youtube, Spotify, Apple and all other podcast platforms)
  3. And then there’s the networking – because connecting like minded individuals sparks innovation and progress. Which led to Climate Techies – our Slack and Whatsapp communities of 2.3k+ (with individual VERY active subgroups on each major industry/sector – more details here) designed to bring folks together and foster collaboration.
  4. Despite ALL of that, it’s only half the battle. We’d created the “supply” of climate solutions, but what about the demand? What about big business? That’s where our free Corporate Sustainable Innovation Program comes in – connecting enterprises to the game changing climate tech they need to hit their SDG/ESG or net zero goals, decarbonize and impress their bosses or shareholders. Because all the technology in the world is useless if it doesn’t scale – hence our connections with Porsche, Honda, Lufthansa, Johnson Matthey, Unilever, Pepsi, Hitachi, Shell etc… (more info here).
  5. It’s not only corporates though. This is exactly what governments want as well – hence our Government Sustainable Innovation Program to connect companies to government agencies and municipalities looking to promote sustainable development in their region. Because what better way to support your local economy than bringing futureproof green jobs and innovation to your region?
  6. Still, many corporates require handholding… They hire big name consultants to boost margins, drive innovation and/or hit their ESG targets. Which is the origin of our free Sustainable Consulting Partner Program – literally helping folks like McKinsey, Accenture, KPMG, EY etc… help their clients by sending relevant climate tech solutions their way.
  7. And speaking of solutions, what better way to both discover incredible tech and decarbonize at scale than working with universities? There are 100s of institutions in the US alone that make up a major carbon footprint and innovation engine. We help them too with our free University Sustainability Program to promote green, clean campuses and let them showcase their commitments to the students, faculties and alumni donors…
  8. Then there are the super connectors (our 200+ Partner in Clime mentors) – those committed to fighting climate change and in a position to make a big difference – like at major corporates, VC funds, ecosystem partners etc… All looking out for their own interests which happen to align with those of us and our companies 🙂 
  9. And last but certainly not least, all of you – our readers and 8.5k+ newsletter subscribers across Substack and Linkedin who are plugged into the climate community and looking to meet potential partners or decarbonize your companies or invest into top climate startups – whatever it is, we make your life easier by helping you find the best companies…

Again, everyone wins when everyone’s winning.

And hopefully when everyone wins, we’ll win as well by leveraging that amazing network of climate-focused individuals, companies, funds, institutions, agencies etc… to help 4WARD.VC’s companies land the pilots, partners and traction they need to change the world, drive enormous impact and generate serious returns.

That’s karma 101 for the climate and it’s all free… what do you think? Are we on the right track?

How could we build our ecosystem better to help climate companies and players thrive?

Want to learn more about 4WARD.VC’s and our” Partner in Clime” Accelerator? Please visit 4ward.vc/accelerator or reply to this post and I’ll happily share more details

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