Want Your Investments to Drive Impact & ROI?

Welcome to the Sustainable Impact Investments Program (SIIP) for LPs and Family Offices!

The Sustainable Impact Investment Program (SIIP)

Helping LPs and Family Offices Make Their Investments Count

Are you managing your/your family’s assets and investment strategy and looking to drive more positive impact on the world while targeting major ROI? If so, climate tech & sustainability may be phenomenal areas for you to focus on – assuming you know what you’re doing, what to look for and how to allocate your capital.

Unfortunately, it’s a complicated space with lots of players, conflicting information and complex technology.

As such, we’ve put together a mini program for LPs and family offices to familiarize themselves with climate tech investing, build up your climate portfolio and set yourselves up for long term success.

Program Overview

  1. What to Look for in Climate Tech Investments
  2. What Makes a Climate Company: Inside Lifecycle Assessments and Impact Frameworks
  3. Why Family Offices Fail at Climate Investing (and How to Fix It!)
  4. Is ESG a Scam? A Better System for Sustainable Investing
  5. Why Climate Investing is the Biggest Opportunity of All Time!
  6. Strategies to Source Additional Climate Tech Deal Flow

NOTE: Nothing within this program is to be taken as legal or investment advice or a solicitation to invest. While venture capital can be a phenomenal asset class, startup investing is risky and results are not guaranteed. So, nmever invest money you aren’t willing to write off completely.

Hundreds of Top Investors We Work Closely With

Pangaea Ventures


World Fund


Earthshot Ventures

Toyota Ventures

Saudi Aramco Ventures

Warsaw Equity

Westly Group

Valo Ventures

Ubermorgen Ventures

Third Sphere

Aera VC



Powerhouse Ventures

Plug and Play




Kiko VC



Generation IM

EDP Ventures

DayOne Ventures

Close Loop Partners


Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything?


Are we obliged to invest in any of the companies?


Is this considered an official endorsement from our family office or fund?


Are there any downsides at all?

No! Not if you’re interested in learning about climate tech and investing in sustainability.

Can we learn more about the accelerator and model?
Can I share this with other investors/FOs in our network?

Of course!

We want to help EVERYONE combat climate change together.

Can angel investors join the program?

No, this is only for family offices, HNWs and LPs

We have our accredited investor syndicate for angels and operators focused on investing in climate tech.