The Startup Tank Climate Investor Pitch Show

The startup pitch contest for companies that move the world forward!
Featured Companies Have Raised $10.5M+ to Date!
NeoCarbon Carbon Capture
DOTS fertilizer nitrate sensing
EExion EV battery tech
Solar Monkey
Climate Crop Genetic Seed Agtech Company
Sheru AWS of energy
Carbonade Carbon to Value Startup
Raise Green Energy Project Crowdfunding Platform
wicow Animal Agriculture IoT

What is The Startup Tank?

The Startup Tank Climate Investor Pitch Show – where top climate tech & sustainability founders pitch Shark Tank style to a panel leading climate VCs looking to fund world-positive companies

Combating climate change by building a sustainable development (SDG) or circular economy unicorn? You’ve come to the right place!

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Presented by 4WARD.VC's "Partner in Clime" Accelerator

4WARD.VC’s “Partner in Clime” Climate Accelerator is disrupting the outdated venture industry with the world’s most hands-on, sales & traction-focused accelerator for elite early stage climate companies led by CRAZY ASS, world class climate founders tackling MASSIVE problems in areas including Food & Agriculture, Construction & Manufacturing, Commerce & Circularity, Recycling & Waste Reduction, Energy & Renewables, Transportation & Mobility

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Featured Investor Panelists
Ubermorgen Ventures
4impact vc
Forward Energy Ventures
Buoyant Ventures
C3 Investment Syndicate logo
Zero Carbon Capital
extantia net zero circle
OGCI Climate Investments
Nomea VC
CNB Capital
Peak Capital
Elaia Partners Climate VC
wingman ventures
Climate Capital
Aera VC
Orbit Startups - SOSV

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything?

Of course not! Participating in The Startup Tank is 100% free and if 4WARD.VC’s syndicate decides to invest in your company, our investors cover the small fees of setting up each SPV.

If I apply, can I pitch?

After you apply, we vet all startup applicants and pick only the very best to invite to present at The Startup Tank Climate Investor Pitch Show.

Will there be other investors there as well?

Yes. And all Startup Tank Climate Investor Pitch Show sessions will be recorded as well and shared to further increase your exposure and help attracts investors and talent to your company.

What is the advantage of an SPV over individual investors?

With an SPV, there is only ONE line on your cap table – which keeps things clean for future investors. It also connects you with up to 249 investors who become vested in the success of your company and can be super helpful for your business in the future.

How does it affect our the cap table?

Because our syndicate creates a separate SPV which then invests in the company on our members’ behalf, that means only one new entry on your cap table and only one investor to report to 🙂

How much does the 4WARD.VC invest?

It depends on allocation and investor interest, but typically at least $100-500k via our syndicate.

How much have companies raised since being on The Startup Tank

Presenting startups have told us they’ve raised $10.5M+ to date since pitching on the show and the top companies from each session say interested investors are reaching out to them as a result of their pitch to learn more and set up follow-up meetings.

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