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Web & Setup Resources

Namecheap: The cheapest, easiest way to get a domain name for your site

Google Cloud: The #1 web services platform for building businesses that scale

SiteGround: The hosting services provider we trust for our domains (much better than Bluehost for quality, security and support)

Squarespace: The easiest hosted website builder to get your business up and running

WP Engine: The simplest way to set up a hosted WordPress site

Shopify: The fastest, easiest way to start your online store

Zapier: The superhuman no-code automation tool to build complex businesses and processes

NordVPN: The safest, most private VPN to protect all your most sensitive data, especially on the go

Canva: The best online photo editor & graphic design templates for just about anything

AppSumo: The Groupon of great software tools to setup and grow your business.

Sales & Marketing Resources

Mailerlite: The fastest, cheapest, easiest way for startups to build email newsletters and marketing automation.

Hubspot: The all-in-one CRM and marketing suite we use to run 4WARD.VC‘s climate syndicate, outreach and deal flow.

Meet Alfred: The simplest tool to manage and automate your social media posting.

GrowTal: The best place to find and hire pre-vetted marketing experts fast.

Shutterstock: The top source for high-quality photography and imagery The simplest way to transcribe podcasts, videos and more.

Grammarly: Cause good speling ‘n grammer’s reel important, specially fer pitch deks 🙂

Team & Project Management Resources

Google Workspace: The easiest way to manage your entire team and business – 10% OFF Code: 7CRTDPY9FA64P73

Asana: The simplest project management system to run your startup and get things done.

Notion: The best system for building out your team’s processes and system documentation.

Fiverr: The easiest, fastest way to get tasks done – like pitch decks, explainer videos, logos and more

Accounting & Legal Resources

FreshBooks: The simplest, most scalable system to manage your books, timekeeping and accounting (50% OFF for 4 months with link here)

Wise: The cheapest, easiest way to pay cross-border and convert currencies

Northwest Registered Agent: The cheapest, easiest way to get a registered agent and mailing address in any US state (required to incorporate business)

Fundraising Resources

Flowlie: For VCs – the best way to manage inbound startup deal flow | For Founders – the best way to share your pitch deck with investors

DocuSign: The most popular and trusted pitch deck and template contract platform for startups.

Vauban/Carta: Our preferred system for managing your cap table & ESOPs as well as setting up SPVs (for our syndicate or your F&F round)

Our 780+ Climate Database: The most useful climate VC & accelerator database filterable by stage, sector, geo and check size

The Ultimate Guide to Non-Dilutive Startup Funding

Enduring Planet: Our preferred partner for revenue-based financing (RBF) and/or grant advances (see this article for more details) – PLEASE tell them 4WARD.VC sent you

Our 5-Series on the Ultimate Guide to Startup Fundraising

4WARD.VC’s Climate Syndicate – The biggest hustler, most value add investor for any early stage climate company!

Investor Resources

Flowlie: Our preferred system for managing deal flow and startup inbound

Vauban by Carta: Our preferred system for setting up SPVs (for our syndicate or your F&F round)

Fundrise: The 1st investment platform to make it easy for anyone to invest in real estate.

3Ts + A Proven Framework for Climate Tech Investing

The Top 8 Climate Syndicates for Returns-Focused Angel Investors

My 25 step angel investor checklist

About 4WARD.VC

4WARD.VC’s climate syndicate invests alongside leading climate funds and accelerators in breakthrough pre-seed and seed stage climate startups led by world-class, crazy founders tackling MASSIVE problems in the areas of Food & Agriculture, Construction & Manufacturing, Commerce & Circular Economy, Recycling & Waste Reduction, Energy & Renewables, Transportation & Mobility and anything with positive “climate-economics” that has the opportunity to massively better our world.

Invest alongside us in top companies moving the world forward!