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Resources by Category

Fund Mgmt & Deal Flow Resources

Net Zero Insights: The ultimate market intelligence tool for VCs focused on climate tech startups (email Andrea and the team for a special 10% OFF offer)

TotemVC: The ultimate all-in-one VC backend platform to manage deal flow, company tracking, reporting and LPs (book a time with Eli and team today)

Rundit: Portfolio management, monitoring & LP reporting tool. Get a €500 discount for the first year subscription with the code RUNDITNOW

Notion: The best system to manage all your portfolio company information and data

Hubspot: The CRM and all-in-one system for managing investors, portfolio companies, sales and more

Impact Nexus: The 360° view of your portfolio companies ESG and impact metrics and reporting

Sydecar: A great option for setting up SPVs and managed VC funds (email Halle and the team and tell them 4WARD.VC sent you 🙂

ESG Reporting & EU Taxonomy Resources

Celsia: The best EU Taxonomy reporting for Article 8/9 VC funds & investment firms

Impact Nexus: A 360 view of VC’s funds entire portfolio and ESG / sustainability impact

Net Zero Insights: The ultimate market intelligence tool for VCs focused on climate tech startups (email Andrea and the team for a special offer)

Other Investor Resources

3Ts + A Proven Framework for Climate Tech Investing

Our 1000+ Climate VC Database – for networking with co-investors

Our Climate Deal Share List for VCs

Our Family Office/HNW Sustainable Impact Investing Program

Our Climate Investor Syndicate

Looking to refine your climate investing expertise? Our friend Yoann Berno (prev. GP at Climentum Capital) decided to democratize climate investing (to drive greater impact than merely running a fund) by creating a super hands-on Invest like a Climate VC 2-day workshop for angels, LPs, FOs and aspiring climate investors. – Use code FRIENDS20 for 20% OFF!

To be honest, I’d probably make this course if I had the time and energy – but as you can see/guess, we’re pretty busy here with 4WARD.VC – so if you want to become an expert climate investor (to either join a fund or win with your own angel investing) without having to drop $10k+ at a silly VC university or MBA, check out Yoann’s Invest like a Climate Tech VC workshop today and join the next live cohort with 20% OFF using code: FRIENDS20

Web & Setup Resources

Namecheap: The cheapest, easiest way to get a domain name for your site

Google Cloud: The #1 web services platform for building businesses that scale

SiteGround: The hosting services provider we trust for our domains (much better than Bluehost for quality, security and support)

Squarespace: The easiest hosted website builder to get your business up and running

WP Engine: The simplest way to set up a hosted WordPress site

Shopify: The fastest, easiest way to start your online store

Zapier: The superhuman no-code automation tool to build complex businesses and processes

NordVPN: The safest, most private VPN for all your most sensitive data, especially on the go

AppSumo: The Groupon of great software tools to setup and grow your business.

Sales & Marketing Resources

Notion: The simplest CRM and doc system to manage all your LP fundraising and portfolio data

Mailerlite: The fastest, cheapest, easiest way for startups to build email newsletters and marketing automation (and how we’re ALWAYS in your inbox and on your mind

RocketReach: The ultimate tool to find prospective LPs and or portfolio companies contact info

Hubspot: The all-in-one CRM and marketing suite we use to run 4WARD.VC‘s climate syndicate, outreach and deal flow.

Meet Alfred: The simplest tool to manage and automate your social media posting.

GrowTal: The best place to find and hire pre-vetted marketing experts fast. The simplest way to transcribe podcasts, videos and more.

LeadConnect: The ultimate Linkedin outreach and sales tool – 25% OFF with Discount Code: MATT25 The ultimate email outreach tool we love for networking and cold sales

Grammarly: Cause good speling ‘n grammer’s reel important, specially fer pitch deks 🙂

Team & Project Management Resources

Google Workspace: The easiest way to manage your entire team and business – 10% OFF Code: 7CRTDPY9FA64P73

Asana: The simplest project management system to run your startup and get things done.

Notion: The best system for building out your team’s processes and system documentation.

Coda: The evolution of docs for all your team’s data, reporting, processes and system needs

Fiverr: The easiest, fastest way to get tasks done – like pitch decks, explainer videos, logos and more

Carta: The industry leader for managed VC funds, setting up SPVs, cap table mgmt and employee stock options (ESOPs)

Accounting & Finance Resources

FreshBooks: The simplest, most scalable system to manage your books, timekeeping and accounting (50% OFF for 4 months with link here)

Xero: Beautifully simple business accounting and bookkeeping for startups, investors and SMEs

Sage: Another great option for startups and SMEs to handle bookkeeping and accounting

Wise: The cheapest, easiest way to pay cross-border and convert currencies

Recommended Fractional CFOs:

Magic 8 Group: The CFO partner to our accelerator companies for all things financial modeling, strategy, cash flow mgmt, bookkeeping and accounting etc…(email Casey and the team today)

Blechynden Legal: Our legal counsel for 4WARD.VC – who also helps startups and other investors

Vouch: Business insurance special-made for tech startups & SMEs (which your portfolio will need to raise funding and land major corporates)

The Climate Patent Collective: 10% off with the experienced patent folks we recommend for our portfolio companies if you use our name 🙂

Northwest Registered Agent: The cheapest, easiest way to get a registered agent and mailing address in any US state (required to incorporate business)

Grants & Tax Credit Resources & Consultants

For your portfolio companies!

Our Ultimate Guide to Non-Dilutive Startup Funding

Streamline: An AI-powered grant writing tool to increase your odds of success, save you time, and help you get back to more interesting work (email the team today or grab a time with Helena for a special offer)

Enduring Planet: Our preferred partner for revenue-based financing (RBF) and/or grant advances (see this article for more details) – PLEASE tell them 4WARD.VC sent you

Recommended Grant Consultants:

DeepTechConsult: DTC & Barna Posta is our go-to source for EMEA grant strategy & application help for our portfolio (email Barna and the team today)

Climate Finance Solutions: If you’ve raised $3-5M in equity or grants and are looking to go even bigger with high success grant funding be sure to email Joel and the Climate Finance team today (our/your go to major climate grants) and tell them 4ward sent you 🙂

Hiring & HR Resources

Carta: The industry leader for cap table mgmt and employee stock options (ESOPs)

Recommended Climate Headhunters (for funds and portfolio companies):

Design, Branding & UX/UI Resources

Yugen Agency: Ultimate UX/UI design team for scaling climate startups to boost product performance and brand/sales credibility – use our link for a 20% discount for 4WARD.VC community

Canva: The best online photo editor & graphic design templates for just about anything

Shutterstock: The top source for high-quality photography and imagery

Squarespace: The easiest way to have a beautifully hosted website for your business

About 4WARD.VC

4WARD.VC’s “Partner in Clime” Accelerator is a disruptive 12 week program where we work ultra hands-on with 1-2 elite climate startups per month on major business development, traction and growth.

By leveraging our world-class climate tech & corporate network plus that of our 210+ mentors (at places like Porsche, Lufthansa, Johnson Matthey, Jetblue, DOE, Hitachi etc…) in systematic way (which we call “networked growth hacking”), we help help companies prove out their technology/product, land 2-5+ major pilots/customers and decarbonize industry at scale

If you’re interested in more than just cash and looking for a true Partner in Clime to help grow your climate impact and ambitions, apply now.

Invest alongside us in top companies moving the world forward!