Networked Growth Hacking 101: Leveraging community to accelerate YOUR climate impact

Climate change is a NEARLY insurmountable problem – especially when tackled alone and in isolation. As an individual or a company, we can ONLY do so much on our own.

The truth is, without MASSIVE collaboration and coordination on a previously unprecedented scale, we’re all F*CKED DOOMED to live in a miserable world of climate wars and environmental chaos.

The key to the above statement is: WITHOUT COLLABORATION

Because collaboration, aligned incentives and partnerships are what move humanity forward. They’re the uniting forces that drive human innovation and progress – that endless drive to improve, change, overcome…

And we can do the same with climate change – but only if we TRULY connect, collaborate and align incentives.

That’s the mission of 4WARD.VC and our Climate Techies community – to collaboratively combat climate change on a previously unimaginable scale.

Because on our own we’re just a single startup, a single team fighting plastic pollution or carbon emissions or ocean degradation…

But as a community and tribe, we can accomplish so much more.


By empowering our community and members to accelerate their impact as well.

Because when XYZ Climate Techie founder meets ABC network corporate at one of our Sector Networking events or from a random Whatsapp or Slack post or an intro from our community support team… When they meet them and sign that big pilot, gets a serious customer contract or scale into industry thanks to their new big name client, that’s a MAJOR boost – think 10-100 steps forward

That is the idea of Climate Techies and why we created our Official Membership

Because through our network and connections, we can help ALL stakeholders win by connecting relevant stakeholders, helping align their incentives and driving impact at scale by cutting through the red tape.

Like organizing Member-Only Sector Networking calls to connect industry players

Like introing climate startups to corporates looking to decarbonize (our Corporate Sustainability program)

Like helping VCs find the top climate startups to invest in (our Climate Deal Share program)

Like helping governments & municipalities find & promote sustainable innovation in their region (our Green Smart Cities program)

Like facilitating decentralized collaboration with massive, active Whatsapp & Slack communities of 4k+ folks sharing their journeys and finding partners/investors/clients etc…

Or helping local climate champions meet, organize and collaborate (our Climate Techies City Meetups)

And if your startup gets a few new warm leads or potential partnerships/distributors or you/your corporate “scouts” several new relevant climate solutions or your fund receives multiple vetted deals or your municipality discovers a couple relevant net zero technologies to trial… if that all happens EVERY SINGLE MONTH… the results are exponential – both for you/your ambitions and the world as a whole.

Because climate solutions will grow and scale faster

Which makes VCs interested and happy

Meaning the startups will raise more money

While also helping corporates decarbonize and futureproof faster

And drive local sustainable development and job growth

While also landing governmental grants and support

And meeting potential partners to help with distribution and sales

Not to mention technical support (both from our network and our community mentors)

All of which helps those climate solutions grow even faster and continue to fuel the flywheel

And that is what Climate Techies is all about – creating the elite community of climate professionals looking to leverage our network to create their (and our 🙂 ultimate climate flywheel.

Not bad for only $10/mo or $100/yr (increasing to $12/$120 in 2024)

Also remember, exponential growth compounds exponentially… so, the sooner you join, the better – at least for your networking and the impact of Being a Member on your climate mission.

So, if you’re serious about networking and your career in climate and want to leverage the impact of exponential flywheels and aligned incentives that our community and membership bring (while also contributing to the bigger picture as EVERY new Member increases the value for EVERYONE else), consider becoming a Climate Techies Official Member today

Become a Member Today

Want to learn more about Climate Techies Membership and the MANY other perks besides just the 2-4+ Member-Only networking events per month? Here’s more about our tight knit community of top climate pros working hard to help each other and the ecosystem forward

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