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Our Incredible Accelerator Companies


Myro – Reusable, refillable cosmetics & hotel toiletries backed by some of the world’s top athletes and celebrities.

Jan 2023  |  LEARN MORE


Aqualitas – Self-aware water quality sensors to help farms, factories and water processors reduce energy use

Feb 2023  |  LEARN MORE

Dirtsat rooftop greenification

Dirtsat – AI algorithm + marketplace to commoditize green roof development

Feb 2023  |  LEARN MORE

REplace (Israel/Spain) - Helping energy developers find ROI-optimized renewal project sites faster

REplace Energy – Helping energy developers find ROI-optimized renewal project sites faster

Feb 2023  |  LEARN MORE

Matt and his connections within ClimateTech have been super helpful over the past few months. He helped us tremendously in closing our first financing round!
Rene HaasCEO of NeoCarbon
I have been working with Matt for the past few months, he is very dynamic, well-connected, and resourceful. More important (at least for me), Matt is smart and thinks broadband regarding the market, the market approach, and in general. I interact with Matt periodically and get his ideas, feedback, guidance, and insights as to how to approach various matters, mostly focused on funding, but also as a “second opinion” in general about running the startup – for me, it is very helpful.
Rafi LeviCEO of DOTS
Of all the people I have worked with so far, Matt’s been the most active and helpful in terms of introductions. He has made tons of great intros to relevant potential investors and collaborators, and I am extremely happy we are working together. He is also very communicative and a great partner to think with and bring ideas to communication and messages
Yehuda BorensteinCEO of Climate Crop
4WARD.VC invested in EExion's seed round and has been instrumental from day one in helping us connect to great investors, prospective clients and strategic partners. Can't recommend them/Matt enough - their network & hustle is incredibly valuable.
Dror SoferCEO of EExion
We’ve enjoyed every aspect of our collaboration with 4WARD.VC and Matt. From the first day, Matt has opened his network to us and helped us make valuable connections in the climate ecosystem
Nicholas WeberCEO of Voltiris
Matt has been an incredible supporter of our company and took a genuine personal interest in the growth of our product and customer base. His expertise in growth hacking has been instrumental in developing creative GTM strategies and acquiring more users. He is pleasant to work with, responsive, and fits really well into our team of doers.
Vlad CazacuCEO of Flowlie
4WARD.VC, led by Matt Ward, has been our super connector in more ways than one. I'm excited for our growing partnership with 4ward's team to scale the business, create value for our investors and accelerate the positive climate impact we're creating.
Greg LaptevskyCEO of Myro
Matt has been very much willing to help and gave a lot of interesting insights and ideas. Very lovely working with people like that, who are truly passionate about climate tech and are happy to guide startups in the right direction.
Julia SemeniukCEO of BuzzUp

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything?

Of course not!

Startups should NEVER pay to be part of accelerators or incubators

We give you cash, not the other way around 🙂

What is the advantage of 4WARD.VC vs a traditional accelerator?

If you read the details above and know Matt and 4WARD.VC, you already know the answer. You won’t be part of some nameless, faceless cohort – we’ll be down & dirty partners in crime, leveraging my network, systems and hustle to help you power your business forward.

It’ll be intense, but it will be worth it!

Are the terms negotiable?


If I/we don’t bring 10-100x the value of a measly 5% of your company, we’re doing something wrong. Between clients, investors, grant funding and scaleable growth, we plan to 2-4x your valuation within 10 weeks – no scammy Google/FB ads to “fake” your J-curve growth necessary!

How much does the 4WARD.VC invest?

For seed stage companies, we invest $100k for 5%.

For pre-seed, we do $50k for 5%.

And after the program, we open the round to our syndicate as well which can add anywhere from $50-500k, depending on LP interest.

Can I pitch on The Startup Tank?

Of course!

You will get your chance once you’ve finished the program and are ready for primetime.

Will you help me with fundraising?

Next to helping you get 2-5+ new clients and/or pilots during the program, helping you with fundraising is the point 🙂

Our goal’s to help you raise your round within 2-3 months of completing the program and we introduce you to 20-40 targeted investors (and CVCs) in our network to get you in the door and get great co-investors onboard.

Can you help me get grants?

Yes, we will definitely try. That’s part of the program as well, equipping you with the help, resources and programs you need to non-dilutively fund your company and drive your business.

Will 4WARD.VC invest in my REAL round?

Currently, we aren’t a fund…

But that may or may not be very likely to change… in which case, it only makes sense for an accelerator to invest in the round and do follow-on checks as well. Not that we are officially a fund or that we’re promising anything, but hopefully you catch my drift 🙂

Can I invest in the accelerator itself?

Currently, we aren’t a fund… But that may or may not be very likely to change.

If you are interested in learning more about our Partner in Clime Accelerator, please send me an email ??